Stageville is an event ticketing platform.
Our crowdfunding system allows artists and promoters to organise gigs without worrying about attendance.
Gigs are only confirmed once a minimum number of tickets have been sold in pre-sale.
Stageville helps artists and promoters ensure attendance and profit from their live shows.

one dark

Set your target number of tickets to be achieved before the gig is confirmed.


Reach out to your fans who pledge for tickets.

three dark

The show is confirmed once your target number of tickets has been reached. Only then are credit cards charged.


We immediately send the artist their proceeds and fans are sent their tickets.

Upcoming Events

Fuzz Gigolo, Shag Haired Villains, Key and Pills For My Nerves, 29th October at The Workman’s Club.

Motion Control, D Day, Sin Verdad and Andrew Berry, 10th Novemober at The Grand Social.

Red Riot, Lineside, and Inhaler, 17th November at The Grand Social.

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If you would like to find out more about Stageville or start organising your next gig, please send us an email at info@stageville.com.
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