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Rich City Vultures at the Garage Gigs (Saturday 4th November, Crane Lane Theatre). Evening Show - Doors 7:45pm.

Don't Forget - Your Ticket Target Date is 14 days before your Garage Gig Date!
The number above 'Days to Go' shows how many days are left before your Ticket Target Date.

With any enquiries related to ticketing or using this website, please contact

How does it work?
1) Fans pledge for tickets in advance of the show.
2) The Artist must aim to hit their Ticket Target by the Deadline, for the gig to be confirmed.
3) Your credit card is only charged if the gig is confirmed.
4) Once your credit card is charged, we send out your tickets and payment receipt by email.
5) Print off your ticket and bring it on the night for entry. Enjoy the show!

Please be aware that a 10% booking fee will be added at checkout.


Campaign Terms

The following are the “Campaign Terms” for this “Campaign”.
1) The “Promoter” of this “Concert” using ‘Stageville Platform’ is 'Garageland'.
2) In order to donate to the above “Campaign” and to become a “Patron”, the “User” must make a “Pledge” in order to receive “Tickets” and/or other “Rewards” relevant to the above “Campaign”.
3) Every “Pledge” in support of this specific “Campaign” is based on a pre-order system; meaning that credit cards will not be charged unless the “Target” is reached before the “Deadline”.
4) A “Pledge” constitutes an offer to us to avail of the Stageville Service.
5) Each “Target” constitutes the desired number of “Pledges” sought for the particular “Campaign”.
6) The “Target” must be achieved by the "Deadline" which must occur before the event date.
7) After making a “Pledge”, the “Patron” will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their “Pledge” (the “Pre-Order Receipt”).
8) If the “Campaign” reaches its “Target” before the “Deadline”, we will confirm acceptance of the offer by sending the “Patron” an email (“Payment Receipt”) that confirms “Payment” and the “Reward” (the “Ticket”) and the credit/debit card will be charged automatically.
9) Stageville is not party to the “Pledge Contract” formed between the “Patron” and the “Promoter”.
10) By entering into a transaction on our site, you (the “User” or “you) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the “Contract” in our ‘Terms of Service’. (


Project FAQ

Will my credit card be charged right away?
No, this is a pre-order ticket. This means that you are pledging the amount of the ticket, and only if a sufficient number of pledges have been made, and the gig is going ahead, will your credit card be charged.

How will I know when my credit card is charged?
We will email you out a “Payment Receipt”.

Can I pledge for more than ten tickets?
Yes, you can pledge as many times as you like.

Where do I collect my tickets?
Tickets will be emailed out with the “Payment Receipt”, and must be printed out or displayed to gain entry. If you did not receive a ticket, please contact at once.

Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately refunds are not possible, unless in very rare circumstances such as fraud. For further information please see our terms and conditions.

What happens if the campaign is successful?
Tickets will be sold on an ‘order’ system as opposed to ‘pre-order’, meaning credit cards will be charged immediately.

What happens if the campaign is not successful?
Your credit card will not be charged and the event will not go ahead.

Who should I contact if I have any queries?
The ‘Promoter’ is Garageland: For technical difficulties:

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